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Examples of the quality equipment available

Since 1987-test, we've been specializing in high quality (9.5 and above) used cameras and photographic equipment, from beginner to pro. Thirty plus years of experience in photography provides the expertise to listen, ask questions, then suggest gear to best fit your needs and budget. McRill's, largest Used equipment dealer in Oregon, carries thousands of items in most systems, brands, and formats, including hard to find items and a large selection of collectibles.

90-Day Warranty (except collectibles)

      Cameras/Related Equipment Cameras/Related Equipment: A partial list of currently available stock.

      Darkroom Equipment Darkroom Equipment: The basic equipment needed to set up a black and white darkroom and a partial list of currently available black and white and color gear

       McRill's Products McRill's Products-Spanner Wrench and Lens Boards: 4"x4" boards for
                 Beseler 23C and 4x5 enlargers, and large format cameras taking 4"x4" lens boards
                 Spanner Wrench for popular large format lens retaining rings
                 Both products manufactured by McRill's Cameras

      Collectibles Collectibles: McRill's also handles collectibles.

      Miscellaneous Items Miscellaneous Items: "Weird stuff," such as projectors, cases, video ... if you
                 didn't find it elsewhere on our site, try here!

      Resources Resources: Comparisons, by system, of the features of various manual focus
                 camera bodies

       Wants and Needs Wants and Needs: Yes, yes, we know ... it is, for most of us, hard to believe
                 that there REALLY IS a difference! E-mail a list of those items you are seeking (either category).We may just have it, or we can try to locate it for you.

       Selling or Trading Selling or trading your equipment?: Please submit complete and accurate
                 information AND THE PRICE YOU WANT FOR IT. We pay very fair prices for clean gear, but we can not buy it for retail or above.

       Ordering InformationOrdering Information: The when, where, and how to order from McRill's Cameras